Mental Fitness Rule #7: Have A Routine To Lean On

Mental Fitness rule #7 is all about the routine. A physical routine is important, I’m sure most people out there have heard this over and over by now. But what isn’t mentioned nearly as often, is a mental routine. If implementing a repeatable physical routine before each shot saved you 3 strokes per round, a sound mental routine will save you 10! It’s that important.

Do you ever wonder how tour players can appear so calm when they’re coming down the stretch of a golf tournament and have a chance to make or break their career? I got news for you. They are nowhere near calm or relaxed. When someone is going after they’re first ever tour win, they are surely feeling the pressure just like anyone else would. The difference with them, is that they’ve worked hard on a way of fighting these nerves. They’ve mastered they’re mental routine. In between each shot they may be going crazy on the inside. But once they begin they’re mental routine, they instantly feel comfortable.

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While a physical routine only lasts a couple of minutes, a mental routine can last much longer. A mental routine typically includes plenty of positive self-talk and visualization. I always try to visualize every shot before I hit it. If you can visualize what you want to do with that shot, and feel confident in doing it, that is the foundation of a great mental routine.

While most players develop a physical routine, many fail to consider the importance of a mental routine. Develop one today. It will take a bit of time to find out what works for you and to get used to it. But once you have it engrained into your game, you will thrive under pressure like never before!

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